Weight Loss tips to Avoid Gaining Extra Holiday Pounds!

Many will fall into the trap of gaining holiday pounds over the next several weeks, only to be faced with a belly that must be worked off in January. With a little thought and planning, YOU can avoid that cycle and start January ahead of the pack! Here are 6 tips to stay on track this holiday season.

Understand that a Holiday is just 1 day.

Too often people practice negative self-talk. “I just can’t lose weight around the holidays”, “I know I will gain 10 pounds between all the holidays- it happens to me every year,” or “I’ll just wait until January and then get back on track with my nutrition and exercise.” That’s inaccurate thinking. A holiday is just one day. You CAN enjoy a meal with the family and still stay on track with your goals- just take it one day at a time. Remind yourself that it’s only 1 day. Don’t allow your holiday turn into a hol“week”

Spend part of the day outside instead of on the couch!

While watching football has become an American Tradition- try to get outside for part of the day as well. Go to watch a local game, throw the pigskin around in the park or backyard with the kids. Have fun- just get unglued from the coach at some point during the day.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Think of beer and wine as liquid fat. Alcohol has dramatic effects on the body’s metabolism and energy usage. If you’re a social drinker, try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks- and make them last. Avoid high calories mixed drinks that are full of sugar. Even better- skip the alcohol and order a tonic water or diet soda.

Drink More Water!

One of the most important things you can do during the holidays is drink more water! Water flushes out toxins in the body, helps the body recover from dehydration caused by alcohol consumption, provides a feeling of fullness (eliminating unnecessary hunger), and will allow the liver to proper break down fat. Keep you tank topped off by drinking a glass every hour!

Choose 1 desert, not 3

Pumpkin Pie, Christmas cookies, Chocolate- the holidays are full of traditions with sweets. Enjoy them! But pick 1, don’t feel like you must eat everything on the table. Give yourself permission to enjoy all the holidays have to offer, then grab the platter of veggies!

Make exercise a family priority

From cable TV to video games, computers, and the internet our society has changed quite a bit in the last 100 years. Gone are the days of working on the farm from dusk until dawn. While we can enjoy all that technology offers, make time for a good walk outside. Bring the kids to the park. Take the dog for a run. By involving everyone you can have fun and teach the kids to “unplug” occasionally.

Remember YOU have the power to lose or gain weight this holiday season. By incorporating these 6 tips you’ll come out of this holiday season better than ever and ahead of the pack in January!