Strength Training For Women

Is Strength Training Good for Women?

Is strength training good for women? This is a common question I get a lot. Women are usually concerned about getting bulky and “looking like a man” so they tend to shy away from strength training in general. In this article my goal is to dispel the many weight lifting misconceptions women may have about lifting weights.

Will Weight Training Make Me Bulky?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It depends on how much you eat and what your genetics are like. If you are prone to getting bulky weight training might make you bigger. If you eat a ton of protein and carbs you might get bulky. 90 percent of women are not prone to getting bulky and can’t get bulky no matter how hard they try. Most women do not have the testosterone levels to gain significant pounds of muscle mass to achieve that “bulky” look. Only a very small handful of women can get bulky and they are very few and far between. So don’t be afraid just go lift something heavy!

Is Heavy Weight Training Good for Women?

Of course it is! Heavy weight training is good for everyone especially women! Women tend to be more prone to losing calcium and developing osteo-degenerative diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and general bone loss as they get older. Heavy weight training puts a stop on all this as the bones react by getting denser, harder, and maintaining their density long term. “If you don’t use it you lose it” This goes for bone density as well.

Is strength training good for PMS?

Yes! Strength training has been proven to show beneficial effects towards PMS symptoms and a reduction in pain and cramping for some. Many women report positive benefits towards PMS symptoms. Strength training ensures that your body is producing an adequate amount important hormones that otherwise wouldn’t be stimulated without strength training. A females hormonal balance is vastly more complex than a males. Therefore it is imperative that women exercise with heavy weights to help balance their intricate endocrine systems.

Is weight training good for my love life?

Weight training can be the single most effective tool for stimulating libido and higher sex motivation due to the small increases in circulating growth hormone and testosterone. Two very important anti aging and sex boosting hormones. If you suffer from low sex drive as compared to your partner, then participating in a good strength training program may be beneficial to your relationship. Being stronger and fitter will ensure a much richer sex life in general so if you think this is a plus then get in the gym!

In conclusion: most women who perform weight training will not get bulky. Women usually have a better PMS experience due to weight training. Bone density increases from weight training can prevent osteoporosis and other diseases. Lastly weight training can greatly improve your sex life.